DZ131 Oak Cadillac Reformer Pilates Bed

DZ131 Oak Cadillac Reformer Pilates Elevated Training Bed Machine Best Exercises Workouts Factory Promotion


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DZ131 Oak Cadillac Reformer Pilates Elevated Training Bed Machine Exercises Workouts Factory Promotion

△ Oak Material
△ Product Size: 2200*700*570mm, with Rack 2120mm
△ Packing Size: 2230*750*730mm, 1.22CBM
△ Weight: 96kg
△ Gross Weight: 140kg

Cadillac Reformer Pilates Elevated Training Bed Machine ExercisesCadillac Reformer Pilates Elevated Training Bed Machine Exercises

1) What is a Cadillac Reformer Pilates?

The Cadillac is a specialized piece of Pilates equipment that enables users to tone almost every muscle group in their bodies. It involves working various muscle groups with challenging poses and light resistance.


2) How does Cadillac Reformer Pilates benefit you?

Whether sitting, standing, kneeling, lying or even upside down, the springs, bars, mat and trapeze of the Cadillac provide the most diverse Pilates experience.


3) Why is the Cadillac Reformer Pilates so popular?

The Cadillac Reformer Pilates from Tmax is ideal for single practitioners, home use and any setting where space is limited.

We are pleased to introduce recent improvements for the Cadillac Pilates that we think you’ll love.

  • Stainless steel frame: the canopy frame is now built of stainless steel instead of chrome. You will love its sleek look that it is smooth and easy to maintain. It is also resistant to chipping, pitting, corrosion and discoloration, and its fabrication is more environmentally responsible.
  • Slide System for the push-through bar: repositioning the bar is a fast, one-person job that will not interrupt the flow of your session. Bonus: it is quiet to use and maintenance-free.


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