Playlists- – -Pilates

A stretch after another, you will ascend beyond your limits!

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DZ131 Cadillac Training Bed Pilates

Learn how to move efficiently.

DZ132 Pilates Reformer

It’s gentle…But it’s also challenging…

DZ132T Pilates Reformer with Tower

Stretch your body

DZ136 Pilates Body Reformer Machine

Feel young again

DZ137 Pilates Body Reformer

Designed to challenge. Built to last!

DZ137T Pilates Reformer with Tower

Designed to challenge. Built to last!

DZ138 Pilates Wunda Chair

Stable and strong

DZ140 Pilates Ladder Barrel

Stretch your body

DZ142 Pilates Gyrotonic

The best choice for spring-assisted, integrated Pilates!

Playlists- – -Cardio Machine

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TX152 Commercial Treadmill

Shed those extra pounds

TX153 Curved Treadmill(

Feel young again

TX154 Wooden Curved Treadmills

Exercise without electricity

TX204 High Lift Legs Machine

Take care of your legs

TX702 Stair Master Climber

Climbing mountain at home

TX615 Folding Water RowerMachine

Swimming at land

TX311 Air Bike

Feel the wind at home

DZ106 Frog Machine

Stretch your body

DZ114 Surfing Machine

Feel the billow at land

Playlists- – -Fitness Accessories

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AD21 Adjustable Dumbbells

24kg 40kg

AD22 Adjustable Dumbbells

20kg 24kg 32kg 36kg

AD28 Adjustable Dumbbells

22kg 40.5kg

AB8 Crocodile Barbells Body Pump

20kg 40kg

AB8 Crocodile Barbells Body Pump

20kg 40kg

AD9 Body Pump


AK11 Adjustable Kettlebells

20LB, 40LB

Barbells Stepper


Dip Plastic Dumbbells

1kg 2kg 3kg 4kg 5kg 6kg 7kg 8kg 9kg 10kg

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